Power Scheduler (Auto Power Software)

Power Scheduler is a handy application designed to help you shutdown or restart your computer at a specified time. The program can also start the computer hibernation and lock the computer in order to protect your work.

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Product Description

What is Power Scheduler?

Power Scheduler is a small App that will make your life easier and smooth your computer experience. Call it a timer, Power Scheduler shuts down, hibernate, restart and lock your computer at an indicated time. With its lovely interface and functions Power Scheduler runs in the background and pops when you need it from the task bar.


Where can it be used?

Remember the last time you left your computer switched on the whole night because you were downloading a large file? Or the day you forgot to lock your PC and your workload got deleted accidentally by someone else. Then Power Scheduler is the superhero you’ve been waiting for. Set a time you estimate your download will be completed and Power Scheduler shuts it down or hibernate it for you. Want your computer to lock automatically the next hour? Call Power Scheduler.


Power Scheduler, password protect itself from unauthorized parties who tries to cancel its scheduled task. Handy App if you want to control the time your children make use of the computer as well.

How does it works?

Power Scheduler is basically a timer which triggers an action at a specified time, much like an alarm clock.

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