CPGSL Version 4

Designed for free, open source software
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Product Description

The CPGSL Version 4 has been designed to with the aim of free and open source software through which whoever download a software accompanied by this license is offered the same rights of editing, modifying, distributing and manipulating the software as the original author.

Furthermore, this license has been designed to fit the purpose of free software in which transaction of money is not, in any case involved for either selling or buying of software.

Moreover, a CPGSL licensee is required to produce a copy of the license without alteration to recipients of the software in order to ensure that its original author(s) is proper credited for his work and that the recipients know their rights and limits pertaining its use.

The CPGSL Version 4 also includes a warranty disclaimer which discloses clearly that the author or copyright owner of the soft98ware is not in any case responsible of any dysfunctionality or system failure caused by a CPGSL licensed software.
It also restricts the user from using a CPGSL licensed software for any malicious, illegal or for unauthorized purposes.

Read and download the license to have an in-depth appreciation.

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